Malta following closely Libya’s Tripoli clashes

Maltese Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (Photo: Internet)

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said Sunday Malta is “very closely” monitoring the constantly developing conflict in Libya.

“There has been major conflict in Libya, with an air strike having taken place in Tripoli. We are very carefully following the situation there,” Muscat said in an interview this morning on the Labour Party’s One Radio as reported by Malta Today.

“Even up to last night, there were migrants who left Libya but were not taken to Malta, due to coordination between the Libyan coast guard, the Italian navy and other EU naval operations,” The Maltese PM  added, as his focus turned to migration.

More migrants from the Lifeline and Aquarius NGO ships left Malta this week, to countries including France, he said.

“We managed to persuade other countries to share these migrants,” Muscat indicated.

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