Military official proposes formation of “war government” in Libya

Brigadier General Mohammed Ganeedi. [Photo: Social Media]
The commander of the military intelligence authority at Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous Operation of the Government of National Accord, Mohammed Ganeedi, said there are efforts to form a “war government” in central and western Libya, adding that it should be comprised of the fighters on the frontlines, especially those who fought for February revolution in 2011.

Speaking in a TV interview, Ganeedi said Tuesday there will be a meeting two days later to announce the leaderships to be heading the “war government” saying this will be very helpful as the GNA isn’t providing the necessary military support for the fighters and is busy writing statements.

“The war government is necessary as most the military units are currently headed by figures loyal to the Gaddafi regime and the Presidential Council itself is surrounded by Gaddafi loyalists. Gaddafi henchmen are spread in all military authorities and the Presidential Council.” He explained.

He also said the Skhirat agreement has ended and the GNA is no longer legitimate, adding that the “war government” will be formed regardless of who would recognize ir and who wouldn’t.

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