Misrata takes its military might to Tripoli’s militia battle

An armed brigade blocking the road in southern Tripoli (Photo: Social Media)

Misrata revolutionary brigades and military council as well as leaders of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous announced Saturday in a televised statement that they are joining the battle of Tripoli “to purify it from the militias.” 

The statement stressed that what the “militias are doing in Tripoli and their control of the city and their crimes against the civilians” needs intervention and “we are joining the operation in Tripoli to end their presence in the capital.

Meanwhile, clashes continue to rock the capital between the alliance of four Tripoli-based armed groups “Tripoli Protection Force” and the alliance of Seventh Brigade and Summed Brigade.

The Wounded Affairs Department of the Health Ministry said over 15 have so far died and more than 40 inured during the clashes since Thursday.

Rockets fell on many civilian properties and on Mitiga Airport in Tripoli with lots of damage done in areas of Salah Eddine, Khalit Furjan, Ain Zara and many others in southern Tripoli.

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