My deep condolence and sympathy to the Libyan Nation

It is very sad to meet young wounded Libyans. A week ago I met the youth wounded from Misurata that stay at the American Rome Hospital. Then I spoke with a wounded young soldier from Benghazi.

On Facebook, I have many requests of asylum seekers. People suffer because they do not have money, work, food, house and they just survive. They need medical care and education, infrastructure, and future building.

I am a Libyan Jew and I have been through similar suffering of survival and war. I am very sad and I feel pain for their suffering.

Unfortunately self-interest, corruption, international involvement and interference, power and tribal armed struggle, those are the factors that dictate the rules in Libya.

My only instrument is to pray that the right people will come to help for the interest of Libya and all Libyans. This is a consoling warm hearted contribution to Libyans in this time of agonies and sufferings. I include my voice to the Libyans, who cannot speak out loud, and I fully support the Libyan people’s resilience by all means for I know and believe that there are honest and good people who are not seeking greed for their own benefit and profit and are not pragmatic hunters of opportunities.

Crying for asylum will not help us, and the only solution to our downfall is to “open and liberate the economy and let the international companies” come, work and own without the government and private local mediators of any sort.

I also strongly believe that this is “the only viable solution.”

Wealth and poverty are not in the pockets but in the brains of mankind, Libya is full of resource of all sorts and the Libyan youths need only to seek good education and skills to be able to manage and exploit those resources and make excellent personal and national income.

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