New Haftar-led massacre: Over 20 students killed, 40 injured in airstrikes on Military College in Tripoli

Students of Military College at Khadra Hospital. [Photo: Social Media]
Over 20 Military College students have been killed and over 40 others have been injured in airstrikes by Khalifa Haftar’s warplanes on the headquarters of the College in Hadba neighborhood in Tripoli, Libya, Health Ministry spokesman confirmed Saturday. 

The spokesman, Fawzi Awnis, said the deaths and injuries were sent to Khadra Hospital, which has called for emergency blood donations for the serious injuries.

The new massacre is just another crime committed by Khalifa Haftar and his forces as well as his backers – UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France and Russia – against civilians in Tripoli since the start of the offensive on April 04 2019.

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