New terrorism scenario in Egypt

A security source revealed a high number of victims of a terrorist bombing attack on his back in central Cairo late Monday. [Sky News]
The source was quoted by Reuters on Tuesday morning as saying that an officer, at the rank of lieutenant colonel, died of his injuries in the explosion in al-Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood, near the Al-Azhar mosque in central Cairo, when trying to arrest a terrorist pursued by the police.

The security source said the officer, who later died of his injuries, belonged to the national security apparatus.

The number of police victims is thus rising to three, as a result of the explosion of the IED, which also killed the terrorist.

At the time of the blast, two policemen were killed and three officers and three civilians, including a Thai student, were injured.

A security force was chasing a “terrorist” in the search for the perpetrator of an explosion in Giza on Friday, the Interior ministry said in a statement issued after the blast.

The statement added that when the man was arrested, “one of the explosive devices in his possession exploded.”

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