Notorious leader of Kanyant militia in Libya’s Tarhouna killed by GNA forces

Mohsen Al-Kani. [Photo: Internet]
The commander of Kanyant militia of Tarhouna in Libya, Mohsen Al-Kani, has been killed by a rocket fired by forces under the command of the Government of National Accord (GNA) on Ain Zara frontline in southern Tripoli, the commander of Ain Zara frontline of the Libyan Army Yusef Lameen has confirmed. 

Mohsen is the commander of the brutal criminal militia of Kanyant in Tarhouna and together with his brothers and relatives, he had murdered and kidnapped many Libyans, before joining Khalifa Haftar’s forces in their attacks on Tripoli since April 04, 2019.

Along with Mohsen, the attack killed Abdelwahab Al-Migri; the commander of infamous 9th Brigade of Tarhouna, which is fighting for Haftar’s forces against the Libyan Army under GNA’s command.

According to media reports, 22 persons from Tarhouna militias were killed in Friday’s precise attacks and airstrikes.

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