Power outages add to the misery caused by Libya’s ongoing fighting

Tripoli under the blackout [Photo: Archive]
Libyans in Tripoli and most western cities as well as in the south are enduring long hours of power cuts due to a wave of heat that is hitting the country coupled with the impact of the current fighting in southern Tripoli on power plants and electricity generating units.

In Tripoli, power load shedding hours can go as long as 14 a day, leaving people in complete misery as they have to endure a compulsory stay-in due to the ongoing fighting on different frontlines in southern Tripoli.

The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) said the power cuts are necessary to perseve the general network and save it from collapse and thus save the country’s major cities from total blackouts.

Since 2014, Libya has been in a state of lack of public services such as water, electricity, fuel and cooking gas, due to the ongoing military escalation and the split in government institutions.

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