Pro-Haftar Libyan eastern Foreign Minister calls for normalizing relations with Israel

Foreign Minister of Interim Government in eastern Libya. [Photo: Social Media]
The foreign minister of the Libyan Interim Government in eastern Libya, affiliated with Khalifa Haftar, told Israeli newspaper Maariv that he hopes “Libya could establish normal relations with Israel if the Palestinian problem was resolved.”

Abdelhadi Lahweij spoke with the Israeli publication during a visit in Paris.

“We are a member state of the Arab League and are committed to its decisions, as well as those of the UN,” Lahweij explained.

“We support the rights of the people, including all of the rights of the Palestinian people. But we support regional peace, oppose terrorism, and fight it in Libya as well.” He added.

This statement by the eastern region’s official sparked outrage on Libyan media and social media as it tackles a very sensitive issue for Libyans and for Arabs as well as Muslims in General.

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