Racist threats of eastern strongman Haftar worry Libyan Amazigh

  • Libyan Express |
  • Tuesday 9 January 2018

Racist threats of eastern strongman Haftar worry Libyan Amazigh [Photo: Libyan Express]

The Libyan Supreme Council of Amazigh has lashed out at the commander of self-styled army, Khalifa Haftar, for his threats and racism against the Libyan Amazigh.

Following the abduction of the Libyan Amazigh activist in Benghazi, Rabee Al-Jayash, the Libyan Amazigh Supreme Council issued a statement condemning the arbitrary arrests done by Haftar and his forces.

Al-Jayash was arrested days ago over speaking and writing using his mother tongue, Amazigh Language.

He was arrested by a brigade loyal to eastern warlord Haftar after he had given an act on Benghazi children theater in Amazigh language. He is still under arrest in Benghazi.

The Amazigh Supreme Council underscored that Haftar and his forces’ prejudices against Amazigh community are driven because of their rejection of the return of military rule and terrorist ideology to Libya.

The statement of the council stressed that the international community must protect Amazigh people in Libya as per the conventions and treaties signed by Libya in the international circles.

Libya’s Amazigh are followers of Ibadism Islamic sect and last year the Awqaf Authority of the eastern government in Libya that is loyal to Haftar issued a fatwa saying the Ibadis “Amazigh” are blasphemous and all Libyan Muslims shall not pray behind an Ibadi imam.

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