Roadworks underway on the reopened coastal road between Azzawiya and Wershefana

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 29 August 2016


General Electricity Company workers have started service works for the road light poles on the newly reopened coastal road between Janzour and Azzawiya.

On Sunday, the General Electricity Company added that the work teams are doing their best to finish the roadworks as fast as possible for the normal movement of passersby to return quickly.

It added that they also started removing the sand barricades on the road that is considered very vital for the movement of people in western Libya.

The coastal road that links Tripoli to Azzawiya was reopened after a joint force in the area was formed and after the Wershefana notables and security units agreed with their Janzour and Azzawiya counterparts on the process of securing the road.

“The joint force will be tasked to secure the road and protect the cars passing by the Wershefana and Azzawiya districts.” Their agreement included.

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