Saudi authorities probe Halal nightclub opening in Jeddah

Saudi Arabia opens halal nightclub in Jeddah. [Photo: Internet]
Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) on Thursday denied it had given the green light for the opening of a nightclub in the coastal city of Jeddah.

In a statement posted on its official Twitter account, the GEA announced the opening of an immediate investigation into videos circulating online that were purportedly showing the interior of the venue.

“According to information provided to the GEA, the event (Project X) is in violation of the legal procedures and regulations in force, and has not been authorised by the body,” the statement said.

The GEA had “originally issued a licence for another event”, it added. “Its contractor then took advantage of an extension of that licence to commit these serious and unacceptable violations.”

Earlier, a number of regional media outlets had reported that the first “halal nightclub” was set to open on Thursday on the waterfront of Jeddah.

The venue was reportedly a branch of the White brand, which also has clubs in Dubai and Beirut.

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