Spokesman for SDF denies marriage certificates incident in Tripoli

A member of the Special Deterrence Force stands near a car at a checkpoint in Tripoli, Libya March 7, 2016. REUTERS/Ismail Zitouny

The spokesman for Tripoli Special Deterrence Force (SDF) Ahmed Salim has denied that the SDF were responsible for storming into cafes in Tripoli and asking couples to show marriage certificates in public.

Ahmed Salim told Libyan Express that the forces that stormed the cafes in Hay Al-Andalus were not from the SDF.

Salim also said that the SDF is responsible for anti-crime and unlawful operations and wouldn’t get involved in such matters, especially currently that the capital is under attack.

Reports from eyewitnesses and people who spoke anonymously to Libyan Express said Wednesday that the SDF has actually started scouring cafes, restaurants and other public places in Tripoli and asking any man and woman, guys and girls who are together in public or in cars to prove they are married, or else they get detained for immoral behavior.

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