Strengthening Silaturahim in the years ahead


It is a happy moment for me to bridge best practices that ever had among societies in Indonesia and in Libya in order to be able to participate in enhancing the world order. These efforts are becoming possible when the both sides share their same interests to follow up and carry out the activities to support their needs. This action is much appreciated  when the world situation today is still facing the real threat of  Pandemic of Covid 19.

The above dedicated efforts seem more possible when most of personalities and especially current  generation are very familiar with the virtual ways to accompany their conventional contact that now being limited due to tight movement or lockdown. With virtual way, their networking  and communication could be more wide.

This gives very encouraging situations when digital way make their life more usefull to their societies . They can optimize digital media with positive action that may help and upgrade the quality of life and environment. These two aspects are interlinked and always be interesting subject to be observed. These two aspects become more fragile when our attitude  separates the two.

The inclusiveness of the two aspects is very vital to be kept for supporting current and  future life. This is not easy and simple jobs. To be acknowledged that many development measures have given a challenging impact to the sustainability pattern, especially when they are aware that the world still depend on  unrenewable resources.

Meanwhile the worried still be found, the most symphatic  gesture is seen among governments policies in the world. Their policies push all elements within society work inclusively to participate in their local development agenda to save peoples and environment. Those policies create conscious societies to work genuinely to protect and share their best practices to others, especially to avoid peoples and environment fallen into crises.

It is natural law that neglecting behavior and attitude toward balancing behavior between peoples and environment will give bad impact not only  to others but also will bring  fire ball to the doers. In this context, the inspiring societies works automatically in keeping them away from danger effects  to their live and its surrounding.

During the years when mitigation toward the non natural disasters (like Covid 19 pandemic and other crises) still found in the globe, the technical communication plays important and constructive way to repair unbalances within the societies. It will lead the way to exchange the best model of development acts from one societies to another societies.

Let us take one of main issues that now are faced around the globe such as scarcity of clean water and renewable energies for all level. These issues are unavoidable and vital to be learned and be the centre point and priorities in order to save current and future generations.

Realizing the above challenging, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli, in collaboration with related institution in Libya such as Ministry of Foreign Affaires, Ministry of Labour and Rehabilitation/Capacity Building, Authority of Libyan Culture, Water Management Authority, National Oil Company, Chamber of Commerce, discussed some issues  to minimize or even avoid the risks of the above challenging with holistic approaches, culturally and technically.

It is good to note that during the pandemic era, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli in collaboration with some local professional institution in Indonesia such as Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Jakarta Provincial Government, Indonesian Institute of Sciences, Ministry of Planning and Development, University of Indonesia and University of Brawijaya, National Archives of Indonesia, National Library of Indonesia, Chamber of Commerce etc), share their expertise and knowledge through virtual communication.

This initial step need further arrangement to facilitate  the way on how transfer of knowledge and know-how technology be maintained, such as Water Management, Recycling Products and some applied technology of ultra violet censor for reducing the bad impact of virus of Covid 19 which may attache to human body and Fisiotherapy. In this regards, it is quite happy to see some Libyan colleagues study this subject in Indonesia’s university such as in University of Brawijaya-East Java Indonesia. And some invention of Technical Student of University of Indonesia and Indonesian Institute Researcher being shared with Libyan media readers.

During this challenging year and may be the same situation  still be found in  2021 when the vaccine still being on trial and begin injected for only certain number of  recipient, it is important to act accordingly to do their best in fulfilling their basic commitment and attachment to sustainability by working respectively or collaboratively in all level  to preserve and upgrade quality of life and  environment.

The Embassy has just initiated  to elaborate the issues of how to recycling plastic and paper wastes and managing water through applied technologies. This approach triggers many potentials cooperation/opportunities and even challenges. To anticipate and manage those opportunities and challenging are no way out except widening the net working and cooperation even in the level of grass root and local to avoid some basic and elementary misconduct appears. For that reason, the awareness program must include all stakeholders in the societies.

In the year of 2021, when the world is still have many challenging problems due to many non natural disorders, the new years ahead must invite more wider participation to be aware and to behave carefully  to reduce the spreading of diseases of Covid 19 or other diseases and act wise in consuming vital need. In tandem with this  measure, the societies must  also be taught to use digital and social media wise. To strengthen these efforts, the societies must also be equipped with the technical education and vocational activities.

To be part of the above noble efforts, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia  in the year of 2021 will work with some local intellectuals and professional institutional from many areas to spread the soft  values relating to historical messages, promoting local wisdom and diverse culture  that being inherited by both countries Founding Fathers and share  good  value of technical and training  areas.

These subjects are open to be studied. Therefore, the way that being prepared is open to all intellectual personalities, bodies and institution such as the educational actors, book centers/library management and also public and individual or professional from many areas.

It is quite encouraging  to see many new intellectual societies/institution being established/reestablished in Libya such as Book Centre, Archives Centres, Sport Activities,  Art  Centres and these institutions will  work for empowering and arising the level of knowledge and skill of peoples. This is really encouraging moment as well as good examples not only to the local peoples but also  to  the Foreign Mission or to Foreign nationals.  In this relations, it will encourage the Foreign  Embassy to  be very frequent to dig more local wisdom that inheritage  in this country.

The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli since the beginning appreciate this region as barakah due to its abundance of goodness in term of peoples, nature and land. Therefore,  the Embassy would like to bridge local wisdom through technical relations and contacts that may fill to each others.  In 2020, thank to the God Almighty both sides have published joint cultural electronic book entitled Nature and Joint Collection of LibyanIndonesian Culture Heritages. Other achievement also both Chambers have signed Letter of Intention to deepen their economic and trade promotion in hybrid approaches.

At last, in opening this year of 2021, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Tripoli  is pleased to share its hope and pray that May Allah the God Almighty direct countries in the world  to the right path and give the strength and easiness to manage and overcome the existing non natural challenging.  In this regards, the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia also conveys its thank to all related institutions or personalities in Indonesia and in Libya and other entities for their cooperation in helping this measures be stronger. We work together to make better opportunities and manage challenging well.  Barakallahfik and Fi Amanillah.

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