The Anniversary of Libyan Independence

Ahmed Shebani. President of The Democratic Party of Libya

Head of Libya’s Democratic Party Ahmed Shebani. [Photo: Internet]
The Democratic Party would like to congratulate the great Libyan nation on the 68th anniversary of the independence of our beloved Libya.

Sadly, this anniversary finds our generation fighting for our independence and sovereignty as our forefathers did against the Italian occupation. We will prevail as they did.

The cause of freedom in Libya suffered a massive blow with some demagogic military officers taking over the country in September 1969. But we Libyans managed to defeat them in 2011. However, their forces of darkness are nowadays making a second bid for power. Most assuredly, the revolutionaries of the 17th of February are fully committed to thwart their efforts. Libya will never again return to military rule.

Thanks be to God, that it is now clear for all to see that it is impossible for the counter-revolutionary forces to prevail in the battlefield.

It is with a great sense of urgency that the Democratic Party needs to state the following:

Libya needs to return to her Constitution of Independence after introducing the necessary amendments to it to bring in line with the most advanced democratic constitutions in the world.

We must seek the help of the United Nations in forming a Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Libya like that established in South Africa after the fall of Apartheid. This will help bring peace to the country and ensure that democracy will take root.

All Libyans need to realize that our people in the East of the country are currently hostages to the counter-revolution, thus they must not be blamed for not being able to contribute significantly to the war effort against dictatorship. Surely, democracy will heal all our wounds.

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