Tripoli militias fighting leaves over 1700 families displaced, UN says

[Hani Amara/Reuters]

More than 1,700 families have been displaced by fighting in Libya’s war-ravaged capital over the last 48 hours, the UN has said, as clashes between rival groups intensify.

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said on Monday that at least 1,700 families had sought “safer areas” since Sunday, bringing the total number of families driven from their homes since August 26 to 5,000.

“Many are afraid to leave their homes because of looting by armed groups or criminal elements,” UNOCHA said in a statement.

“As the fighting escalates, the number of civilians affected by violence is bound to increase.”

After nearly a month of sporadic clashes, the total number of civilian killed stood at 115, with at least 560 people wounded, it said.

Eleven people had been killed, most of them civilians, since Saturday, it added.

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