Tripoli’s only functioning airport shut till further notice amid growing attacks

Mitiga Airport (Photo: Internet)

Libya’s Mitiga  Airport authorities said they had closed the only functional airport in the capital, Tripoli, a day after it was hit by shelling amid clashes between Libyan Army forces under GNA’s command and Khalifa Haftar’s forces. 

Nasr al-Din Shaab el-Ain, the head of Tripoli’s civil aviation authority, said Monday that all flights at Mitiga airport had been suspended “until further notice.”

The UN mission in Libya said four projectiles struck the civilian parts of the airport Sunday, with one hitting an airplane carrying pilgrims coming back from Saudi Arabia.

The Tripoli-based Health Ministry said at least four people were wounded, while 30 others had experienced panic fits.

The UN-backed GNA blamed the attack on Haftar’s forces, which launched an offensive to take Tripoli in April.

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