Tunisian dancer runs for president, wants to ban hijab

Tunisian dancer and singer runs for president. [Photo: Internet]
Tunisian dancer, Nermine Sfar, has announced her intention to stand for president, unveiling a controversial electoral programme for the country’s polls due on September 15.

The 21-year-old artist, known for her risque shows, has said she has collected more than 35,000 voter signatures, three times higher than the number of endorsements required for an eligible bid in the presidential election, Tunisian media reported on Wednesday.

In her platform, Nermine promised to ban the Muslim women’s headscarf, the Hijab, and make the Tunisian traditional garb obligatory.

Her manifesto also includes imposing a fine on any Tunisian man who fails to keep his promise to marry a certain girl, according to the Tunisian online newspaper Ennahar.

The dancer-singer has also pledged that if she elected president, she will propose a draft bill giving women two thirds of inheritance with the other third allocated for men.

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