Turkey deeply concerned over uncertainty of Libya’s oil industry

The Libyan oil output has been losing over 400.000 bpd over the last two weeks (NOC)

Turkey voiced deep concern on Friday over the transfer of Libyan oil fields to a parallel company based in eastern Libya.

In a statement, the Foreign Ministry referred to a decision by Khalifa Haftar that oil ports held by his forces would be handed over to a rival oil corporation in the country’s eastern city of Benghazi instead of the UN-recognized National Oil Corporation (NOC) based in Tripoli.

“We are deeply concerned about attempts to transfer management of oil facilities located in Libya’s Oil Crescent to non-entitled entities other than Libya’s National Oil Corporation,” the Turkish ministry said.

The ministry warned against “attempts to illegitimately manage natural resources belonging to all of the Libyan people” and said the move risks disrupting efforts towards peace, consensus and stability supported by the international community.

“Therefore, all of Libya’s natural resources and facilities should be returned to the recognized Libyan authorities as soon as possible,” the ministry said.

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