Two IS militants arrested in Libya’s capital

The two IS terrorists busted by the Special Deterrent Force in Tripoli.
The Tripoli-based Special Deterrent Force (SDF) arrested Monday two Islamic State (IS) terrorists in Tripoli.
The SDF said on its Facebook page that the two terrorists confessed that they were on the verge of detonating a bomb in of Tripoli’s neighbourhoods.
The two terrorists admitted that they placed an explosive device near the roundabout of Al-Hay Al-Sinayee in Tripoli, but failed twice to detonate it.
The SDF also indicated that the concerned security authorities in the area dismantled the explosive device.
IS militants have been defeated in their stronghold in Libya’s Sirte by the forces of Al-Bunyan Al-Marsous for over a year now, but reports have shown that some sleeper cells are still trying to regroup and gain ground in Libya after the losses they suffered in Syria and Iraq.
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