Two journalists abducted by Haftar’s forces in Tripoli fighting

The two Libyan journalists who are currently kidnapped by Haftar’s forces. [Photo: Libya Al-Ahrar]
Two Libyan journalists from Libya Al-Ahrar TV Channel, which operates from Istanbul, were abducted on Thursday by Al-Kanyat or 9th Brigade of Tarhouna, which is fighting for Khalifa Haftar’s forces in southern Tripoli, said a statement by the TV on their Facebook page. 

The statement called on the abducting party to release the two journalists Mohammed Al-Qirj and Mohammed Al-Shibani, saying it is a violation of humanitarian laws and freedom of press to detain journalists for covering the truths.

The channel vowed to take legal action against the kidnappers, remind them of the fact that such an act is liable to prosecution in Libya and in the international circles.

Haftar’s forces have been launching an offensive on Tripoli since April 04 aiming to take control of the capital and thus the whole country by a military grip.

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