UN condemns blockade of water supplies depriving Tripoli residents of drinking water

Maria Do Valle Ribeiro – The UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Libya. (Photo: Internet)

The UN Humanitarian Coordinator, Maria Ribeiro, condemns in the strongest terms the shutting down of water supplies that aims to deprive hundreds of thousands of already embattled Libyans of safe drinking water.

“Such attacks against civilian infrastructure that are essential for the survival of the civilian population may be considered war crimes,” Ribeiro stressed.

Continuous attacks on the water system further jeopardise levels of health and hygiene among the civilian population, particularly those most vulnerable, including children, and cause further hardship and possible displacement.

The Humanitarian Coordinator reminds all parties of their obligations under International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law to ensure the safety of all civilians and civilian infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and public utilities, especially water and electricity.

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