UN panel of experts’ report says UAE sent Haftar’s forces drones, Sudan sent 1000 fighters

Haftar meets with UAE deputy Chief of Staff [Photo: Archive]
A report by the UN panel of experts has disclosed violations of Security Council arms embargo on Libya by the UAE, Jordan, Sudan and Turkey which provided military support to warring parties across the country, according to Aljazeera TV Channel.

The UN report indicated that Rapid Support Force of Sudan led by Mohammed Hamdan Hamitti violated the arms embargo by sending 1000 fighters in last July to help secure Benghazi so Khalifa Haftar’s forces can continue their offensive against Tripoli, which started in last April.

The report adds that the Sudanese fighters were then positioned in Al-Jufra airbase, where the UAE was also involved.

The report said the UAE gave Haftar’s forces Air defense system that was set up in Al-Jufra airbase and near Gharyan cities, which is another violation of the arms ban in Libya.

The UAE gave Haftar’s forces drones and a warship to supper their offensive on Tripoli, the report added.

Aljazeera added that the report of the UN panel of experts will be made public by December 15 this year.

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