WHO: Death toll in Tripoli over 653 killed and 3547 injured

WHO has been calling for a ceasefire in Libya to avoid ore killings and injures. [Photo: Libyan Express]
653 people have been killed and 3,547 others injured in the fighting in and around Libya’s capital Tripoli, the World Health Organization (WHO) said Sunday.

“The toll for the ongoing conflict in Libya’s capital is 653 dead, including 41 civilians, and 3,547 wounded, including 126 civilians,” WHO said on Twitter.

Khalifa Haftar has been leading a military campaign since April 04 to take over Tripoli, where the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) is based.

According to local officials from the crisis committee appointed the GNA, the number of displaced people has reached over 120.000 since the conflict started in early April.

The officials told reporters on Monday that the displaced families are now faced with new challenges as the Education Ministry has decided to resume study and since most of them are staying in schools.

“We’re considering, and in the process of, sending some of the displaced families to kindergartens, hotels, summer resorts and other places than schools.” A senior official at the Ministry of the Social Affairs of the GNA said.

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