Ziglam warns of separation in Libya, calls on eastern Libyan tribes to deter Haftar

Former Libyan Minister of Finance Hussein Ziglam. [Photo: Social Media]
The former Libyan Minister of Finance Hussein Ziglam said he backs eastern Libyan locals against Khalifa Haftar, saying Haftar should be imprisoned for his crimes.

Ziglam said in a TV interview that Haftar was part of a coup against legitimacy in 1969 during Chad war and he was killing the injured fighters with his own hands upon orders from Moammar Gaddafi.

He also warned eastern Libyan tribes of continued violations and crimes against civilians led by Haftar, calling on eastern elders to take action before “separation takes place” saying “there will be a petition signed by 3 million citizens to back up the separation.”

Ziglam said the continuation of Tripoli offensive by Haftar’s forces will cost Libya millions to rebuild the destroyed infrastructure, adding that all those fighting for Haftar in Tripoli suburbs are Gaddafi loyalists.

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