Zulal Provides Water System for Hospital

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  • Friday 26 July 2013
Reverse Osmosis Plant

Reverse Osmosis Plant

Zulal Water Technology (“ZWT”) has announced it has successfully commissioned an urgently required 300 m3/day seawater reverse osmosis water plant at theTajura Cardiac Hospital (“Hospital RO Plant”) for the Libyan Ministry of Health.

The Cardiac Hospital, which plays a critical role within the local healthcare infrastructure, found itself in an emergency situation when one of its two water plants failed. ZWT won the subsequent tender for a turnkey replacement plant, issued by the Ministry of Health, based on its significant experience in the Libyan water purification sector, competitive pricing and proven ability to provide high quality water plants within short time-frames.

Following receipt of the purchase order from the Ministry of Health, it has taken ZWT only 5 months to design, install and commission the Hospital RO Plant. ZWT’s engineering teams were mobilised immediately, and the plant itself was fabricated to ZWT’s designs and specifications by a leading manufacturer of water plants in the Netherlands using the highest quality materials and latest RO technology.

The plant is now producing excellent quality drinking water and should be able to service the Hospital’s needs for many years to come.

David Humphreys, General Manager of ZWT, commented:

The Cardiac Hospital provides a crucial service to the local population and so I am delighted that we were able to commission the plant ahead of schedule. It was a pleasure working with the Ministry of Health and we were pleased that we could assist them in resolving the Hospital’s urgent water needs.

(Source: ZWT)

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