A Libyan civil war (a big bill)

The scene of civil war in Libya became a habitual custom since the Libyan revaluation in 2011 that has terminated Gadhafi’s regime after 42 years of the dictator rule. International numbers indicate that the civil war in Libya killed about 10,000 people and 20,000 between injured and missing, In addition to about 290,000 displaced either locally or externally according to the UN reports.

In our case, after an armed revaluation and for the great spread of weapons in all over the country, on the other hand the state is still weak and there are no substantial institutions specially security and police, as a consequence, civil war will be present and robust.

The matter is not just loss of human beings, which is a big tragedy, but also the destruction of the society composition from its roots, the damage of the social cohabitation.

Here in Libya, civil war is dividing the country not just ethnically like Arab and Amazigh but even regionally and tribally. People from the east and people from the west, civilized people and non-civilized people “nobbled tribes and ennobled tribes”, and perhaps the recent war around the capital Tripoli is a real evidence about two armies and two troops, eastern troops supported by the parliament in Tobruk and western troops supported by the government of national accord (Internationally recognized government), war in Tripoli with no doubt would leave a massive split in the fabric of the society.

War in Libya has left the country with very bad conditions of infrastructure, all the projects that were taking place such as new buildings and new roads stopped and most of them are damaged. The main airport in the capital Tripoli burned and destroyed alike and some of the petroleum facilities not far from that some cities and villages have disappeared like Tawergha and Kiklah ,other cities are facing an environmental pollution caused by draining sewage and stagnant water like Benghazi. Also, some landmines are still in war zones.

Therefore, Libya must tackle rebuilding despite of many obstacles in many aspects, national reconciliation, a battle of achieving justice, the return of the rights of oppressed people and releasing the prisoners who are arrested by the militias as well as rebuilding the state infrastructure in the entire country which is costing about 80 billion dollars according to estimation of the IMF. On the other hand, there must be security at the borders, especially in the south as there are defected groups, whether militants or even foreign forces like the armed opposition either Sudanese or Chadian.

The outcome of the civil war bill price is very high. The picture of the country would be different, the risk of splitting the country is on the edge, state reserves are under risk because of the corruption and there is lots of looting, but if there is an advantage of all these, it is going to be reforming the political situation of the state and rewriting a constitution that guarantees the rights and the liberates minorities. Until then, a new state can be built with good expectations.

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