Amnesty International condemns shooting at Tripoli migrants center

UNHCR evacuates the rest of migrants from Qasir Benghashir. [UNHCR – Facebook]
Amnesty International has called for a war crimes investigation into the shooting at an illegal migrants detention center in Qasir Benghashir, Tripoli.

“This incident demonstrates the urgent need for all refugees and migrants to be immediately released from these horrific detention centres,” said the organisation’s spokeswoman, Magdalena Mughrabi.

A shooting took place two days ago inside Sir Benghashir detention center, leading to the injury of some migrants and panic as well as intimidation among the rest of the migrants.

According to the Government of National Accord, this incident is totally condemned, blaming Khalifa Haftar’s forces for the act.

Haftar’s forces are located in and around Qasir Benghashir now and were so at the time of the incident.

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