Eastern HoR considers replacing Libya’s national anthem, flag

  • Libyan Express |
  • Wednesday 11 January 2017

A man holding the Libyan independence flag adopted by February revolution

The Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) said it had received a letter from HoR members urging for the replacement of the current national anthem and flag in the country because, they said, they are slowing down the current efforts for achieving nationwide reconciliation.

The HoR members told the Speaker of the HoR, Agilah Saleh, that changing the flag and the anthem has become mandatory for the reconciliation to stay in effect, adding that a number of Libyan conflict parties have seen it obligatory for the flag and anthem to be replaced to attain reconciliation and end conflicts.

They also said they wanted to have this decision taken by the Constitution Drafting Assembly, but since it is experiencing some setbacks now, they found the HoR the best place where such a decision can be made.

According to analysts, this gesture by the HoR members hints at a desire to bring back the former regime followers and allow them to change the February revolution gains, such as the flag and the anthem.

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