FIFA to soon lift ban on Libya stadiums, president says

Infantino says FIFA will reach a solution very soon in Libya (Photo: Internet)

The President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, says the ban on international football matches in Libya will be lifted soon.

“The head of the presidential council (of the government) Fayez Sarraj, has received an official letter from FIFA president Gianni Infantino, on the demands to lift the ban on Libya hosting international matches. Infantino confirmed to have had the opportunity to review the report submitted by the (FIFA) Committee on Libya, and expressed confidence that it will not take long for international matches to return to Libya,” the media office of the Libyan Government said in a statement.

Infantino says FIFA will reach a solution very soon. He expressed appreciation for the urgent desire of the Libyan people and government to host international matches.

A senior FIFA delegation visited the capital Tripoli earlier in April to consider lifting the ban.

FIFA banned international matches in Libyan stadiums since 2013 due to the deteriorating security situation in the country.

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