Fighting rocks downtown Libyan capital, four killed

  • Libyan Express |
  • Friday 6 October 2017

Smoke billows the sky over Arada area in Tripoli, Libya due to the fighting that erupted between local armed groups. (Photo: Social Media)

Fighting has erupted earlier in Arada area in Libya’s capital, Tripoli between two local armed groups over unspecified reasons.
Heavy gunfire and military presence were heard and seen in the area since the afternoon on Friday, when clashes then intensified leading to killing and injuring a number of people.
Tripoli’s field hospital reported this evening that four people were killed and 17 were wounded, six of whom were in serious conditions.
Meanwhile, firemen hurried to the Ministry of Economy’s building in Arada to try to put t eh fire out as fighting in the area set the building ablaze.
Local sources said that the warring parties are Brigade 42 and another brigade led by a person named Abdelraouf Al-Jabri – both are from the area.
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