GNA has the lowest public approval rating in Libyan history

More 80% of all Libyans believe that the Government of National Accord is the worst Libyan administration

GNA might be the worst performing Government in public opinion. [Photo: PC]
A public poll conducted by Ean Libya news outlet showcased that more than 80% of all Libyans consider the Government of National Accord to be the worst governing body in modern Libyan history.

According to the poll conducted between the 20th and 24th of this January, 84.13% of all Libyans consider the GNA’s performance as the governing body of the nation to be very poor, while 10.45% consider it to be good and 1.41% consider it to be somewhere in the middle.

Some participants in the poll explicitly stated that they consider the government of national accord to be the worst government to have taken control of Libyan and others have demanded that members of the preterminal council face a fair trial starting with the head of the council Fayaz Alserraj.

Other participants stated that they considered the government to be exploitative of the country’s resources and senior officials in charge should be held accountable for utilizing their position to further advance their careers and personal wealth.

The Government of National Accord is the outcome of the peace talks agreement signed on December 17 in Skhirat, Morocco The agreement created a Presidential Council and the High Council of State.

Federica Mogherini, the EU foreign policy chief, called the agreement an “essential step” and said that only a united government would be equipped to “end political divisions, defeat terrorism, and address the numerous security, humanitarian, and economic challenges the country faces.”

After an endorsement by the United Nations Security Council, the GNA was almost immediately recognized by the international community as Libya’s legitimate government.

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