Haftar’s fighter jets rock Tripoli’s residential areas

Smoke billows from one site of the clashes in Tripoli (Photo: Archive – Social Media)

Khalifa Haftar’s Air Force jets carried out on early hours of Sunday several airstrikes on different locations in Tripoli, including Sabiaa and Ain Zara, allegedly targeting Government of National  Accord forces positions.

According to eyewitnesses from Tripoli, Haftar’s aircraft or unmanned drone tried first to target Mitiga Airport, but faced with anti-aircraft fire, it changed its aims.

The spokesman for the GNA military forces said there had been no material or human damage in the airstrikes.

This comes as an escalation by Haftar’s forces after a day of heavy clashes on all frontlines in what the GNA described as a counteroffensive to end the presence of the attacking forces.

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