Haftar’s forces strike Tripoli port with four missiles

Smoke pillowing the sky after containers were targeted at Tripoli port. [Photo: Social Media]
The eastern Libyan forces of Khalifa Haftar attacked the sea port of Libya’s capital on Tuesday as they targeted as they claim a Turkish vessel bringing in arms, an eastern official said.

Pro-Haftar officials did not provide details about the alleged arms shipment at the port, which has remained open for food and other imports as rival factions battle for control of the capital.

Meanwhile, the Government of National Accord commented on the port attack, saying it targeted people’s properties and trade business inside commercial containers.

Haftar’s forces started a campaign in April last year to take the city, which is seat of the internationally recognized government.

GNA authorities moved all ships including fuel tankers out of the port after Tuesday’s attack, two port officials said.

GNA forces said Haftar’s forces had fired four missiles at the Tripoli port.

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