Libyan bride-to-be dies at bank door trying to withdraw cash

Libyans sleep at bank’s doors (Photo: Internet)

After waiting for over 10 hours at the closed bank door of Jumhouriya Bank in Sarim Street in Tripoli, Siham Al-Rayani, died of fatigue and the following sudden high blood pressure.

Sources and eyewitnesses wrote on social media that Siham Al-Rayani died trying to cash her money out of the bank because she is a bride-to-be and needs to be standing at the bank doors every day from late at night till morning in order to get a chance to withdraw some cash.

Social media was awash of anger and criticism for the government officials whom they described as corrupted figures feeding on the death of Siham and such people like her.

Libya has been suffering from the shortage of cash at the banks since the beginning of 2016 and regardless of the amounts of newly-printed bank notes that keep arriving in the country, people are still queuing at the doors of banks every day for hours to cash out their salaries or deposited money.

Many incidents have taken place at the banks accompanying the shortage of cash and the crowdedness of people.

In Qasir Benghashir, Tripoli, early this year, three or four people were killed including women in random shooting by a security guard who tried to cut down the crowdedness and noise at the door of the bank.

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