Libyan footballer Anees Salto to play for Tunisian Al-Najim Al-Sahili

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 4 August 2016


The Tunisian football club, Al-Najim Al-Sahili has contracted the 24-year-old Libyan footballer, Anees Salto, and he is going to play at the beginning of the new season.

Salto was playing with Al-Madinah football club and then moved to Al-Ahli before he was contacted by two Tunisian teams, Al-Najim Al-Sahili and Al-Taraji, but finally Al-Sahili managed to contract him to play in the coming season.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Football League has entered the ninth week with tough conditions and lack of security which is making it so difficult for players to be notices and seen by many contractors and football clubs.

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