President of the Libyan Democratic Party: Haftar targets civilians in Tripoli

Hafter Targets the Civilians in Tripoli, says Ahmed Shebani: President of the Democratic Party. [Photo: Haftar and Shebani.

It is rather sad that Khalifa Hafter’s militias bombard the civilians in Tripoli with impunity using rockets and heavy artillery while the whole world keeps conspicuously silent, said the President of the Democratic Party, Ahmed Shebani.

Speaking to Libyan Express, Shebani questioned “Isn’t this deafening silence by the international community a green light for Hafter to continue his war crimes in the firm belief that he will escape accountability and retribution?”

“We find no explanation to such conspiracy of silence regarding Hafter’s long list of war crimes, including those in Chad, save that some countries are adamant to subvert the Arab Spring revolutions and prevent establishing democracy in the Arab World at all cost.” He remarked.

He also said that Libyans want democracy and reject religious extremism.

“Libya is a Mediterranean country which is by nature not an incubator for fundamentalism. We revolted against Gaddafi seeking democracy not theocracy. All the Arab peoples are now against theocratic rule and the current revolutions in both Sudan and Algeria are living testaments to that fact. We Arabs are demanding our political rights. We want transparency and accountability and no longer care for demagogy and falsehood.” Shebani added.

He indicated that Hafter’s false claim that he wants to liberate Tripoli from the terrorists is rather rich considering that the backbone of his militias consists of the Madkhalis who are the most vile bloodthirsty Wahabi terrorists.

We Libyans do not want a religion that has been concocted by the Saudi and the Emirati secret services. Tripoli, like the rest of Libya, wants a democratic state in which the army dose not meddle in politics. It said no to Gaddafi and it is now saying no to Hafter.” Shebani explained.
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