Tunisia, Italy reiterate need for ending military operations in Libya

Tunisian and Italian Prime Ministers. [Photo:Internet]
Tunisia and Italy have called for a ceasefire in Libya amid recent clashes in south of Tripoli.

Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, in a joint news conference in Tunis, stressed his government’s “clear” stance on the necessity of a ceasefire, affirming Tunisia’s eagerness to push the diplomatic track, and urged Libyans to sit at the dialogue table.

“Tunisia has been affected by the conflict in Libya since 2011, and there is fear of infiltration of terrorist elements across its border with Libya, which exceeds 500 kilometers (310 miles),” said Chahed.

Italian PM Giuseppe Conte affirmed the need to give a political settlement a chance, stressing “there is no room for a military solution and that a political process is needed in Libya.”

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