Yemeni army commander killed by Houthi missile strike

Maj Gen Ahmed Saif al-Yafei was killed when a missile struck a Yemeni army camp

Yemen’s deputy army commander has been killed in a missile strike by Houthi rebels on a Red Sea army camp, military officials say, the BBC wrote.

Maj Gen Ahmed Saif al-Yafei is said to have died in the attack outside the port city of Mokha, according to the BBC.

His death will be seen as a major setback for government forces, which are backed by a Saudi-led coalition.

The Yemeni government has yet to recapture the capital, Sanaa, after two years of civil war, the BBC added.

Maj Gen Yafei was killed along with several others when the missile hit the army camp near Mokha early on Wednesday, the military source, who is also a member of the general’s family, told Reuters news agency.

The port city was captured from rebels last month, the BBC indicated.

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